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Michael Situ

Michael Situ is a nationally recognized artist in the United States. An award winning artist, he is a Signature Member of Oil Painters of America, California Art Club, Laguna Plein Air Painters Association and American Impressionist Society.

He is a contemporary artist of the California impressionism style. He is known for his vivid, luminous and richly colored landscapes of the coast and various scenes that capture his imagination. Powerful composition, strong brushwork, and a gorgeous sense of color all come together in perfect harmony, marking him a master of plein air painting. At an early age he begin to interest drawing and painting, growing up in China where he completed his art education at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art, Situ developed a deep appreciation for nature and a passion for art.

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"Michael's work has such a spontaneous painterly style, very true to the plein air tradition, with bold color, excellent composition and light balance. I hope you continue to have success and growth of your work."


9" x 12" Oil on Canvas Panel | Helen Situ Collection

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